The Real Trump Supporters

chris matthews trump

Okay, I change my mind.

Right now, the Iowa Caucuses, the first contest of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle is days away.  And while Senator Ted Cruz has pulled close, Donald Trump has managed to hold on to his lead in the polls.  He’s in the lead in Iowa.  He’s in the lead in New Hampshire.  He’s in the lead in the SEC Primary states.  I am ready to concede that Donald Trump might become the Republican Nominee for President of the United States.  I have to say, I honestly thought, by this point, potential Republican voters would have come to their senses and said “This guy is bullshit, I’m voting for Cruz.”  Or “this idiot has no freaking clue, I’m voting for Rubio.”  Or even, “this guy’s to controversial, I’m voting for Christie.”  None of that has really happened though.  And I am indeed surprised.  Or was.

Months ago, I along with many other proposed liberals blamed the rise of Donald Trump, a man who has no grasp of complex issues but continues to pretend he does, a man who is unquestionably the biggest gaping asshole to ever grace American politics, a man who has faked conservatism just to claim victory in a popularity contest, a lot of such liberals blamed his rise on the Republican party and more specifically the Conservative movement.  We’ve made claims that their apparent disdain for immigrants and Muslims and fear-mongering of fictional dangers of things the President is not and has not done, that these elements have made it possible for those who believe in such irresponsible lunacy to power an irresponsible lunatic like Donald Trump allowing him to launch a full campaign for the most powerful position in the entire world.  We’ve blamed you.

Well, fret no more my dear friends across the aisle.  I have figured out who is really to blame.  And it is not you.  It is not the Republicans who, for the most part have rejected Donald Trump and his… act.  However, in America politics, there is one group, that has not only refused to reject Donald Trump, but have fully embraced him and his insults, lack of reason and accountability and all that is the trainwreck of a campaign he’s running. It’s actually one group conservatives love to blame almost as much as they like to blame President Obama.

Trump’s TRUE supporters are not rednecks, Bundy Ranch supporters or other “angry American” types.  Those that are truly responsible for Donald Trump, his biggest supporters, they go by names like Chris Matthews, Chris Wallace, Don Lemon, Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer.  They are powerful, well-financed and have been known to push their own agenda.  They trumpet his brashness, idiocy and hate unlike any other and in ways that those who show up at Trump rallies could only begin to hope to emulate.  They even have their own Super PACs that support Trump’s presidency and they’re ccalled Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.  And they have been in full gush mode for going on seven months now.  And they had us all fooled.

The problem is Trump joke.  And we see these kind of jokes pop up every cycle.  That joke candidate that runs against actual candidates that nobody pays attention to and even less take seriously. Every year you have a Alan Keyes or Lyndon Laroche or someone launch a presidential campaign and they’re typically agenda-driven and go nowhere fast. Though it’s for a number of reasons, but the main reason these candidates are ignored is because if anything, the race for president is a serious deal and we take it seriously by considering serious people. That’s not Trump. He’s Eugene McCarthy. Hes that random porn star that runs for office for whatever reason. He’s “Rent To Damn High” Jimmy McMillian. He’s Vermin Supreme(that’s an actual name, not an insult). He’s like that 9/11 Truther or a Birther that runs for President every year just to make a point and fizzles out, except Donald Trump actually IS a birther. He should be treated the same way we treat all these guys. The only thing is, every other year the media ignores these people because we know they’re jokes just like they do. But for whatever reason Trump is different.

Almost every nightly news broadcast, no matter what else happened in American politics, Trump becomes the subject and predicate. One one hand, they like to talk about all the vile, disgusting and moronic things he says and does and how much it makes him unelectable. But then on the other hand, he’s all they talk about. Last week, the Democrats had a Town Hall and CNN literally spent half the time post show talking about Donald Trump. This week, the Republicans have a debate scheduled and one Trump has said he wants no part of. If he doesn’t want to be a part of the debate, why even talk about him? He’s literally removing himself from discussion. And instead of talking about how to alleviate the tax burden on middle income Americans or doing something about low wages and underemployment, you know things Donald Trump knows nothing about, why will they continue to talk about Donald Trump? What are you seriously expecting to happen that hasn’t already?

And so, I had to change my mind. To my surprise of the gullibility of the American electorate, I can no longer blame conservatives for Donald Trump. A few months ago, I declared that if the Republicans want to win the White House, they have to put a stop to Donald Trump or the Democrats will do both. And while still firmly support this statement, I recognize even your efforts are being thwarted by the negligence of every media outlet that continues to replay this circus every single night. I mean, regardless of whether you love or hate your wife’s cooking, if you get it force-fed to you night after night, you’re going to get use to it. And that’s exactly what the press is doing. They’ve been feeding the public chocolate for so long that, I hate to tell you but… that’s not actually chocolate you’re eating… it’s a steam stinking pile of drizzled yak poo. You just can’t tell the difference any longer. Because the truest Trump supporters, that have had his back the entire time is the mainstream media. He’s made as much of an embarrassment of them as he’s made a mockery of our political process. And this is getting out of hand.