Duck and Cover



See, I started this blog with the hope that I could have enough inspiration to continue to entertain myself and write so freely.  Thankfully, the world is never short of dumbasses that need explanation by Your Friendly Neighborhood Black Man.

In an article from GQ Magazine in their January issue, a cast/family member of the television series “Duck Dynasty” created a bit of a stir this week when he was asked questions about his religious beliefs and life experiences.  The television network that airs the hit show suspended Phil Robertson(the crazy, angry looking fucker all the way on the right) for comments he made regarding homosexuals, black folks and other actions and people that don’t ascribe to his worldview.  

The self-described Bible thumper, unprompted described what he considers “sinful” is homosexual behavior and put it on the level as bestiality, terrorist and drunks.  He goes on to say that homosexuality is illogical and also has some absolutely ignorant comments to say about black folks living in the segregated south when he was younger.  He said that black folks were happier before entitlements and welfare.  By the way, he would also state in the same article that if the human race loved each other they would be better off… which wildly contradicts his poor opinion of Black America and gay and lesbian folks.  Which is to say the least.  The entire article is rife with ignorance and contradictions and it’d be too hard for me to track them all down.  He’s pretty much some crabby old redneck, set in his ways and opinions and thinks they fit comfortably with the rest of the world, thankfully: They don’t.

But because of his dumbass, several more dumbasses across Facebook, Twitter and Fox News outlets everywhere are up in arms about the First Amendment being under attack and not having the freedom to believe in God.  Which is bullshit, but the numbers of idiots eating this shit up are about as gullible as the number of people who frequently watch the show.  What these people all seem to be forgetting are a few things they should keep in mind when trying to make this into a matter of having the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.  You have to know that this is NOT about Religion.  This is about being offensive, about making asinine remarks and misrepresenting someone who gives you money.  Phil Robertson is absolutely free to believe what he wants.  So are hundreds of thousands more.  I’ll readily admit I share some of his beliefs.  But that don’t mean I’m going to go on record with hateful idiotic rhetoric especially if I know how it will be taken.  For this, his freedom of Religion is grounded in the Freedom of Speech, which HAS consequences.  You can’t get mad or feign outrage because someone says something you disagree with.  Ben White from Politico said it best:

“I don’t know why we have to constantly relearn that the 1st Amendment does not include a right to a cable TV gig.”

In case you haven’t realized, freedom of speech is quite universal, which means others are free to respond to your freedom of speech with their own freedom of speech.  That includes employers.  A&E are free to do whatever they wish with their contracts if it will affect their bottom line being associated with his remarks.  If you don’t like it, don’t hate them for exercising the same right you claim they are denying Phil Robertson.  In the end however, if you’re not ready for the consequences of your Freedom of Speech then maybe you ought to practice your right to remain silent instead.


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