1. Power of 20: Presidential Candidates

Beto Biden Castro

Tomorrow is the last day of 2018. And the day after that will be 2019, the last year before 2020, which includes highly anticipated 2020 Presidential Election. Of course the 2020 Presidential Election cycle will start with the Iowa Caucus, as it does every cycle. The date of the Caucuses will be February 3, 2020.

And in case you can’t do the quick math, that is exactly 400 days away from today.

The Republican Party has their likely nominee. But the Democratic Party will more than likely have a very hotly contested Primary season with a multitude of candidates seeking the nomination. How many is to be determined. But over the course of the next 400 days leading up to the Iowa Caucus, candidates will rise and some will fall. And over these 400 days, for the uninitiated, I’ll present a Power Ranking of the Top 20 Democratic Candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election and to have more fun with this number, with it being in 400 days time, I’ll build such a ranking 20 Times, Every 20th Day ultimately culminating on February 3, 2020.

Just to clarify, this is my list but it is also based on an aggregate of potential candidate favorability, expert opinion and polling data. So while I have my own opinions of who I might think will win the nomination, I am not the only voter and I will be using such evidence to back up my opinion. And of course, due to the variation of opinion, the list of 20 from the first list will very likely differ greatly from the list of 20 on the 20th iteration of the list. It’s a Power Ranking and since the University of Alabama isn’t running for president, the list will change.

So without further adieu, The Power of 20: 20 2020 Democratic Candidates.

20.  John Delaney – Congressman, Maryland – 55

19.  Eric Garcetti – Mayor, California – 47

18.  Tom Steyer – Philanthropist, New York – 61

17.  Jay Inslee – Governor, Washington – 67

16.  Terry McAuliffe – Former Governor, Virginia – 61

15.  Steve Bullock – Governor, Montana – 52

14.  Julian Castro – Former HUD Secretary, Texas – 44

13.  Eric Holder – Former Attorney General, New York – 67

12.  John Hickenlooper – Governor, Colorado – 66

11.  Kirsten Gillibrand – Senator, New York – 52

10.  Sherrod Brown – Senator, Ohio – 66

9.    John Kerry – Former Secretary of State, Massachusetts – 75

8.    Amy Klobuchar – Senator, Minnesota –  58

7.    Michael Bloomberg – Former Mayor, New York – 76

6.    Cory Booker – Senator, New Jersey – 49

5.    Kamala Harris – Senator, California – 54.  Kamala Harris has been a rising star for a few months now. And considering she is from California, where she has higher name identification and favorability than most candidates, has moved their primary to Super Tuesday, she will likely be a top favorite for the next 13 months.

4.    Elizabeth Warren – Senator, Massachusetts – 69.  Very popular among activist and Democratic voters. She’s been very vocal on issues primary voters like and as a senator with a national profile voters are already familiar with her, which might help- or hurt her down the road.

3.    Beto O’Rourke – Congressman, Texas – 46.  If this list was made a one or two months ago, Beto O’Rourke would not be on it. But since his Texas Senate election loss, his popularity has not diminished. He’s younger, unabashedly progressive and was able to compete for votes in a place where Democrats typically have not.

2.    Bernie Sanders – Senator, Vermont – 77.  The one candidate that is as progressive and has a larger national profile than almost any other candidate on the list, Bernie Sanders has a built in campaign apparatus and a base of support that will make him hard to beat, regardless of how anyone on the left or right feels about him.

1.    Joe Biden – Former Vice President, Delaware –  76.  Clearly with near universal name ID that no other potential candidate has, Joe Biden also has the legacy of the most popular president in the last few generations to run with.  Joe Biden is well liked, a great campaigner and has the ability to communicate that again, coupled with the fact that he is a known quantity, he has the inside track to win the Democratic Nomination… until he doesn’t.



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