4 to the Power of 20

jay amy berie

20 Days Ago…

I’ve continued the Power Ranking of the 20 Democratic Candidates for the 2020 Democratic Primary to be concluded on it’s 20th iteration the day of the 2020 Iowa Caucus.

Reminder, this is a “power ranking” and not a list of my favorites in the order I’d like them. But taking in the news cycle over the last 20 days and other pertinent data, this ranking is just a snapshot of where I think the candidates are and where the voters are in their likelihood to select them as the Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Presidential Race.

So don’t be mad at me. Tell your candidate to get better.

So without further adieu…

20.  Steve Bullock – Governor, Montana – 52 (Last 20: #20)

19.  Eric Swalwell – Congressman, California – 38 (Last 20: #19)

18.  John Kerry – Former Secretary of State, Massachusetts – 75 (Last 20: #14)

17.  Eric Holder – Former Attorney General, New York – 68 (Last 20: #13)

16.  Terry McAuliffe – Former Governor, Virginia – 62 (Last 20: #18)

15.  John Hickenlooper – Former Governor, Colorado – 67 (Last 20: #12)

14.  Jay Inslee – Governor, Washington – 68 (Last 20: #17)

13.  Tulsi Gabbard – Congresswoman, Hawaii – 37 (Last 20: #16)

12.  Michael Bloomberg – Former Mayor, New York – 77 (Last 20: #11)

11.  Julian Castro – Former HUD Secretary, Texas – 44 (Last 20: #10)

10.  Pete Buttigieg – Mayor, Indiana – 37 (Last 20: #15)

9.   Sherrod Brown – Senator, Ohio – 66 (Last 20: #8)

8.   Amy Klobuchar – Senator Minnesota – 58 (Last 20: #9)

7.   Kirsten Gillibrand – Senator, New York – 52 (Last 20: #6)

6.   Beto O’Rourke – Former Congressman, Texas – 46 (Last 20: #5)

5.   Cory Booker – Senator, New Jersey – 49 (Last 20: #4)
In-offensive since his launch, Booker has been focused a lot on campaigning since and has also been vocal on policy as well. But where other candidates have done well via fundrasing, endorsements or media, Booker has been rather quiet.

4.   Joe Biden – Former Vice President, Delaware –  76 (Last 20: #2)
A long rumored candidate that has been at or near the top of every ranking for weeks now. Although his family has given him their blessing and he seems to be prepared to announce, he hasn’t yet. Which with several officially announced candidates that have hit the ground rather fast, the former Vice President, at this point, will have some ground to make up.

3.   Elizabeth Warren – Senator, Massachusetts – 69 (Last 20: #3)
What has set her apart and beyond every other candidate is not just popular stance on issues, but discussing actual policy, where others have not. But in regards of those issues, politically she’s popular with the base but does not have the drawbacks other candidates have had.

2.   Bernie Sanders – Senator, Vermont – 77 (Last 20: #7)
Although he’s a older candidate from a past election cycle, his announced candidacy has been augmented by not just a fundraising that has surpassed every other candidate, but a block of supporters that have apparently never left him since his last election.  They’ll be there, but will they be enough?

1.   Kamala Harris – Senator, California – 54 (Last 20: #1)
Kamala Harris maintains her #1 rank mostly due to some early endorsements and media, which she has maintained or increased since the month she announced. Though some of it has been negative, it might not have hurt her standing much but increased her profile. Though her fundraising numbers have been eclipsed by Bernie Sanders, she’s stayed relevant despite trolling backlash.


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