W. T. C.


What’s the cause?
Work to change
Wish to connect
Want to cry
Watch them climb
Watch towers crash
Wishes turn cloudy
Wish time could
Wash this clean
Whisper to Christ:
Watch the children
Women try calming
Weakness to courage
Worthless to cooperate
Watching them corroborate
Wounds to clean
Working to counterbalance
Winding the clock
Wife tries cooking,
Washing the clothing,
Working the corner
Writing to courts
Wanting to create
Worlds to cradle
Wrong to cry
Well-wish the children
Wisdom takes crossroads
W. targets countries
War that conquers
White torn cloth
Wrist turn cold
Work towards charity
Wish time could
Wash this clean

Warriors think consciously;
Waiting to contact
Witches turned counselors

-La Bruja


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