Black Tuesday


Dear Black People,

A word.

We need to have a little talk about what’s going to happen on Tuesday, November 8th.  In a few days, millions of people across this country will go to their local school, church or community center and each of us will vote for the person who will replace President Barack Obama as the 45th President of the United States of America.  And let’s be honest, we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Barack Obama has been our President for the last eight years.  As President, he has lead our nation out of a recession, ended two foreign wars, cut gas prices in half, saved a housing and auto industry and not to mentioned helped millions gain access to once unaffordable health insurance.  President Obama has done a lot for this country, but what we admire the most is the man himself.  He’s the first Black man in a country elected to the highest office in a country that has quite the odious history with Black folks.  This is something we’ve taken tremendous pride in.

And to be honest, Barack Obama has got to be one of the coolest politicians ever.  And he was our president.  The way he walked.  The way he talked.  He understood our culture, our language and is authentic as hell.  When I first met Barack Obama back in 2007, he didn’t shake my hand.  He gave me dap like he was a friend of mine from around the way.  And it was natural.  You can’t fake that.

But that’s just it, people.  That’s Barack Obama.  There is only ONE Barack Obama.  We don’t have any more.  There might be some really good and natural politicians.  But not Barack Obama anymore.  And yes, Hillary Clinton is definitely NOT Barack Obama.  She’s older.  She might be out of touch with you and our lives.  She rehearsed.  She’s rich.  She’s boring and stuffy.  She’s NOTHING like you.

But guess what… Neither is any other politician in history.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Black people.  I know how you feel.  You may not particularly like or care for Hillary Clinton.  And that sort of apathy has encouraged you to have a perceptive ear to the rhetoric that has been preached about her.  Is she corrupt?  Is she dishonest?  Does she really care about you and your life?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  You don’t like her?  Fine.  But other than Barack Obama, which other politician have you actually liked?  And has that ever stopped you from voting for them?  And if it has, how has that worked out for you?

What you have to realize that this election, like many other elections, is hardly about the candidates.  This isn’t about Hillary Clinton.  And yeah, despite the reckless, wretched and petulant temperament of Donald Trump being a drag on our daily news, it definitely ain’t about him either. What this election is about is the direction of this country.  This election is about the progress we’ve made.  This election is about the security of our own lives and those of our families.

Look at what we have before us.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Neither of these individuals are Barack Obama.  We have to come to terms with this.  Barack Obama will never be on your ballot ever again.  But what is on your ballot is every reason why you wanted to see Barack Obama elected in the first place.  You did it for your future.  Your children’s future.  You did it again to protect healthcare accessibility, housing affordability, the rights of minorities who’ve struggled the same path as you.

That is why you voted for Barack Obama then.  That is why you have to vote for Hillary Clinton now!

Let’s be clear.  Your vote is not about these candidates, but it is about what they have done and what they can do.  Hillary Clinton may bore you.  She may not care about your day to day  life.  But you are not doing this for her.  You are doing this for YOU.  You are doing this to make sure everything you work for, everything you’ve seen and wanted to see this country become moves down the right path.  And there is only one candidate down that path:  Hillary Clinton.

On the other side, you have Donald Trump.  This is the guy who has gone before the Justice Department for housing discrimination against black folks.  This is the same guy who insisted five black and latino kids were savage rapist after they were completely exonerated in the 1980s, not three decades ago, three WEEKS ago.  This is the same guy that has spent YEARS accusing your President, the first black President, of being a foreigner that hijacked the United States.  This is a guy that has said he wants to overturn the 14th Amendment.  Yes, the one amendment that made YOU and your children citizens.

But you know all of this.  You know this man is despicable.  You know he has no business being anywhere near the White House.  And what you may not realize is the ONLY way to make sure that happens is to make sure Hillary Clinton is the President of the United States.  And you also have to know that not only will you be disrespecting the legacy, history and accomplishment made when we elected Barack Obama by staying silent, but to protect his progress, our progress, you have to make your voice heard and make sure Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States.

Again, I get it.  You don’t like her.  You fell for the banana in the tailpipe and believed what the Trump campaign has fed you about Hillary Clinton.  But again, this is not about her.  This is about you.  This is about Barack Obama’s legacy.  This is about our legacy.  This is about us.

Don’t believe the guy that spread birtherism when he tells you something about Hillary Clinton.  We are better than that.  Block out all the noise.  Block out the rhetoric.  Do what must be done.  Stop  Donald Trump.  Elect Hillary Clinton.



Your Friendly Neighborhood Black Man


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